September 30, 2013

Sweet Caroline Turns Three

A moment to gush over my little girl...

She turned 3 on Sunday and she is a firecracker! She is funny, actually, she is witty. She doesn't know she is being funny, but the way her mind works is so quick.

She loves twirling and we do it often. She loves dressing up and when she and her girl friends play its so loud and squeally. When Sam and his buds play its Lego's and so quiet (and that, by the way, is pretty awesome), but the squeals are fun too! Her vocabulary is out of this world.

She is a snuggler!

She wants to be older than she is or just wants to do everything when Sam does it, but I love how old she is now. She says, so and so "is my best friend." We don't really speak about friends by rank, so I asked her who else was her best friend and she listed off almost everyone she knows including "Jesus and God." She cares intensely for people.

She loves painting and chalk and her daddy. They go on dates and she gets this very grown up air about her when she reminds me that "no, mom, I have a DATE with daddy in the morning"

She LOVES Rufus, much to his chagrin. If I don't say "Caroline, please get off the dog" at least 5 times a day, its shocking.

Completely unprompted, she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She uses my stethoscope from PT school and she puts it on my belly and says, "mom your heart sounds good, but you need a pill"

Oh, I just love her so much. God has blessed us with Caroline.

Peace Out,


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