June 24, 2013


You sang the title, didn't you? And probably the next few and then no one really knows the words after that, you just start making words up.

The old me is very passive. Life tends to happen to me, I don't make life happen. That is, until I married Luke. Luke, as you might know, is a "doer". So when I was looking into the Crisis Pregnancy Outreach in Oklahoma, the old me would have said, "three day training required? hmmm, no, this agency is not for us. I mean we don't even know anyone who lives there. We've never even BEEN there. How can we go to a training there? THATSCRAZYTALK! Stay in Colorado. Its safe here. Passive...yes." So you may be surprised (or maybe not) that this past week, our family hopped on a plane to Oklahoma.

It may sound silly, but God is so patient and is really starting at ground zero with me when it comes to stepping out in faith. It is really difficult for me! My initial reaction is, so many times, a quick and thoughtless, "no." No thanks, God, I'll stay here where its safe. God is bringing me to a place where I can say, "ok. not super sure where we are going here and certainly not sure how we are going to get there, but here we go, and ok lets take one step at a time."

I may not see whats around the corner or through the next door, but I am relying on my sweet shepherd to lead the way!

So, Oklahoma is actually not ugly. I thought it would be. Let me clarify. Tulsa is not ugly. I can not speak to the rest of the state. There is red dirt and oil pump things and lakes and ponds. There are cows and horses, and green rolling hills. It kind of looks like middle Tennessee. There are a lot of Mazzio's Pizza joints. They are really terrible. Someone could make a killing if they put a good pizza place in there. I'm sure there's one somewhere in town.

The adoption workshop was held at a church. There was childcare for the kids on site. It was really put together well. There were no pointless sessions, and they mixed it up as well. There were sessions on tax credits and the legal adoption process, we also heard from adoptive parents, birth moms, young adopted kids, and older adopted kids. We heard from people who adopted many different races, who waited a long time, who waited a short time, and who adopted special needs kids. One of the main things I took away was that this is not a traditional adoption agency. It is a ministry to women. They find families for babies. Their goal is whatever these moms want to do. They counsel them, support them and help them accomplish their goals regardless of if they choose to parent or not.

We as adoptive parents are also expected to maintain a supportive presence in these women's lives. Not because we have to or are required to, but because its the right thing to do. That is going to look different circumstantially, but it is what this ministry strives for: to restore these women and show them Jesus.

Overall, it was such a great weekend. It was encouraging and a reality check. I am so glad that we got to go, meet with other adopting families and learn more about this ministry that we get to be a part of.

Peace Out,

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