March 10, 2013

Chuggin' Along: an adoption update

So here we are again with our adoption journey. What a crazy ride it has been so far! I feel like I need to update the ole' blog so I don't forget this stuff.

Between the time that we were looking at the in-state agency and now, we were introduced to another agency. It is out of state, but after researching them and what they do, and how they do it, we decided to head in that direction. I got on their website, and before I filled out anything, I called to make sure they were accepting applications. Thank goodness they were, so we sent it in before things changed. A week or so later (after an interview via skype) we were accepted. Then we received word from our international agency that we needed to update our international home study. This was in December. Luke and I had a very long talk about China.

From the beginning of our marriage, we thought that we would adopt a child, and that child would be from China. The time lines are just getting longer and right now, to adopt a non-special needs child, we are looking at 8-10 years. Caroline would be almost done with elementary school. The child would essentially be an only child. Now, as we have decided to seek out domestic options, we are faced with literally closing the book on this part of the journey. So after much prayer and peace from God, we did just that. Officially.

At the same time that occurred, we transferred our international home study to a domestic home study. We also made our Life Book that birth mothers look at to see if they want to consider our family for their child. Both of those things will arrive at the out of state agency in the next week or so. Then they start showing us to birth moms whose criteria we meet.

We have no idea how long or short this will be. We have no idea what God will do in our life during this section of the journey. We do know that we are sitting squarely in his hands and we are excited for what he has to teach us!

We will be praying for all the birth moms who look at our book and consider us for their child. That they would make good and healthy choices and that God would work in their lives to bring the moms closer to him. Please feel free to join us, as we covet any and all prayers!

Oh, and here's some irony (I think its irony, at least) more than a year ago, we were dead set against domestic adoption and especially against open adoption. I mean adamantly against (for our family, not as a rule). I remember praying, "lord, please don't ask us to do domestic adoption." And now, we are so excited! Funny how God changes things.

Peace Out,

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