January 26, 2013

This One's for the Kiddo's

I haven't written down too much about the fun stuff my kids are up to, so without further ado...

Sam: You have memorized a 65 page book, cover to cover, in a few weeks. I think you might be a genius or maybe I'm just amazed because I'm pretty sure I could NEVER do that! After a rough start to the beginning of 4 year preschool, you are starting to enjoy it again. I like the way you are loyal. How Ms. Tushka's way of doing things is always compared to Ms. Amy's. How your friend Ada from Ms. Amy's class, and who is now in your class, is who you prefer to play with at recess. So far you are not the biggest fan of change, but I'm hoping that it becomes easier as you begin elementary school (which totally freaks me out, that you are starting kindergarten. crazy). Along with your sweetness is still your tendency to volcano, and to get in that rut for a little while. As you are growing and maturing its becoming less frequent, but I'm really praying you start to learn to cope! I'm putting that in here because if you ever do read this, I want you to know that you were not a perfect child and that is ok. It just illustrates for you that even at such an age, you had a need for a savior. You will climb anything, flip your body over anything, try anything that ends in "ball". You are trying out Taekwondo now and you seem to really like it. You pick at your sister and at the same time love her very much.

Caroline: You have a nickname: Caroline the Destroyer. I think its because of your endless curiosity. "If I pull this, will it break?" "What will happen if I open and squeeze the super glue?" "I want a snack. I'm sure if I just climb up this chair and pull hard enough..." Needless to say, you keep us on our toes. You speak so clearly, its sometimes hard to remember that you are barely 2 1/2 years old. I tend to expect more from you than I did from Sam at the same age, but you get a lot of privileges that Sam didn't get at your age. You love dress up a TON. You have seen only one Disney movie, but I think you could name most of the princesses and know which dresses go with each. You are afraid of the dark and of being alone (just like me :)). You are fiercely independent. You WILL do it. I love that about you-you're endless confidence. I hope you never lose that. I want so badly to protect you from growing up and knowing how cruelly society can judge you. Don't you dare ever forget how awesome you know you are.

Big smooooooch.

Mama Bear: Out. Peace Y'all.

January 2, 2013

Not My Baby Story

The craziest thing happened the last Thursday in December. We decided to do a family Christmas dinner (aka-mom didn't want to make dinner and if I did, there was nothing thawed.) at Salsa Brava. Yum! As it is close to Christmas, there is a lot going on that I waited the last minute to do, so I was excited to get the evening to do some last minute shopping. That's the reason I almost ignored the call I got from my friend Rachel as we pulled in the parking lot. Not because I typically ignore calls, but I thought she was probably calling to ask a question about something I could call her back about after dinner, but then I thought, "hmmmm, better answer just in case." You see Rachel was 37 weeks pregnant and her husband was in New York working, so I thought I'd check it out just in case. So glad that I did...

"Michele, I'm at home now, but my water broke at Target, and I need to go to the hospital. Can you come get Mailyn and take me? I could possibly drive myself..." Then I cut her off. Of course she is not driving herself to the hospital, but that is totally her: "no worries. I can get there myself." crazy woman.

So we burn rubber over to her place, switch out kids and car seats, climb into the Yukon, and we are off! The whole way there all I could think about was my 2nd labor and delivery trip to the hospital. It was fast and I was furious. Other cars probably thought I had been abducted I was screaming so much. All I hear from everyone is how fast 2nd babies come so I was expecting this one to be the same. However, no screaming, no big contractions. I was wondering if Rachel had recently converted to Scientology and was just going to Grace Chapel as a front. All was calm.

We get to the hospital. Check in. Yep. Water broke. Relieved that she hadn't just been peeing on herself for the last hour. We stay. We monitor. We wait. We wait. Wait...wait...wait. Its about 10pm at this point, I have already eaten dinner. We settle in for the night.

Now, a word on the couches that you sleep on at hospitals: they are not the same as the beds. When I was having my kids, Luke was always up on the bed sitting next to me and I thought this was odd, but now I know why. A reminder that Dads/helpers are not the patient, but sleep on those couches long enough and you might be!

Oh look, Burn Notice! We watched about 3 episodes. Nothing. Around 2am she decides to get an epidural. Contractions are speeding up and lets not let them get crazy. This whole time, I'm thinking, good thing I have my video camera in my purse from Sam's Christmas program at school earlier today because that is the only way the husband is going to see this birth.

A word on epidurals: Its not the same watching as it is getting. Obviously not as painful for me. However, sweet Rachel turned white almost threw up and nearly passed out. White as a sheet, and kept saying "I AM going to throw up!" What does the nurse procure? kidney bean basins. Tiny ricochet basins that just redirect the spew. Now I am not proud of this next part, but I hid. Behind the nurse. I kept holding Rachel's hand, but her eyes were closed, and I hid behind the poor nurse during Threat Level: orange, on the throw up scale. I didn't have a change of cloths! The nurses can grab extra scrubs! Also, there is something called "sympathy nausea".  As Rachel recovered (and PTL) did NOT throw up, the room got REALLY hot for me. She was fine, but I quickly made my way to the couch/bed and took my sweat shirt off. It passed, but not quickly enough for my human shield nurse to ask if I was ok.

Then, we went to sleep. Not really sleep because of the incessant beeping and checking etc, but by the time 7am wound around, I had about 3 hours of sleep. No baby. Five centimeters. Seriously? huh. Will have to rethink 2nd baby theory. All this time, Cole has been desperately trying to get back from New York. The first flight he could get was at 630 am eastern time. Putting him in Denver at 11:30am and at the hospital at 1pm.

We wake up. We visit with Rachel's sister-in-law and daughter. We watch a movie. Finally we get a call that Cole has landed. Then Rachel starts getting uncomfortable. She's telling me that there is A LOT of pressure. All this time, no one is checking her because no one wants to progress it. Cole calls, he is stuck in traffic. You have got to be kidding me. Rachel is saying that she really feels a lot of pressure and that pushing is in the near future. Another call, Cole is 10 minutes away. Cross your legs lady, he's almost here!

Finally after 20 hours from the start of this crazy day, Cole literally and somewhat frantically runs through the door. Cheers go up! Lets do this! A flurry of nurses and the doctor rush in after him with everything all set up.  I stick around for them to check her. I need closure before I head out...and she is 9.5cm. So happy that Cole is there for the birth of his son, but at the same time, a little sad for myself! I know, I know, this is where my part of the story ends, but selfishly, it would have been awesome to see him come out! Also, a little scarring. But awesome for sure!

Looking back on it, it was such a crazy, unexpected amazing day! Not many women get to experience this side of childbirth and although the couch was hard and the sleep was scarce, I loved it!

Peace Out,