September 6, 2012


Before I had children...

  • I would watch kids melt down in the grocery store and say "never. my. kid."
  • I had a strategy (proven strategy...I mean, it worked on me) for raising my children.
  • I didn't have their future mapped out, but I certainly knew they would arrive there politely and well-behaved.
  • I thought I would adopt. from China.
  • I didn't know the joy of Target by myself 
  • I thought I would have three kids. (now...who knows?)
  • I thought I would keep working part time or get bored or go crazy (might still go crazy :))
  • I thought it was easier than everyone was making it out to be.
  • I was unaware of how extremely selfish I was. I mean, close the door while using the bathroom? SELFISH! Eating my own breakfast? SELF-CENTERED!
  • I didn't pray first thing in the morning... asking God desperately for a good day because, honestly, I got through the day pretty well on my own.
  • I didn't use the ellipse so much (...)
I love my children. Love. LOOOOOOVE. But some days, they drive me crazy. And they are NOT how I thought they would be. And I apologize to everyone I ever EVER judged (consciously or unconsciously) for their parenting abilities in response to how their children were behaving. They may be awful parents, they may be able to write books because they are such good parents, but I don't get to pass judgement. Because I'm a good parent, and my kids, they don't always reflect that. That may sound prideful, me saying I'm a good parent, but I've had home studies done for adoption, and they think we are at very least "fit" for raising children. So there's that. And I'm the kind of person who has to remind myself that I don't suck. So this is my friendly reminder. My PSA. Yeah for not sucking! You may now return to your regular viewing...

Peace Out,