April 29, 2012

Update: not a dramatic update

Remember a few posts ago when I was like, "sorry its been a while, but I didn't know what to write, and this is whats going on for better or worse."? (I'm pretty sure the punctuation on that sentence is jacked now that I look at it. Where is my blue handbook from high school?) Well, here we are again! Its the slow and steady process of life and decision making and darn it if things go faster on whatever show the cool kids are watching these days...Revenge, Glee, insert CW show here. (If the cool kids are watching Downton Abbey, I am much farther ahead of the game than I thought, but I'm doubting it.)

So we continue to pray and talk. More praying and less talking incidentally. Which is good. But it feels slooooooow. And thats ok because I am supposed to pray about this and be patient, but it feels so sloooooooooooow. So I am praying that in God's perfect timing, Luke and I make a decision. Anti-climactic update, but there it is. For better or worse.

As always we covet your prayers for Luke, myself and our family! I'll keep you updated of course!

Peace Out,

April 10, 2012

Meeting with Domestic

Today Luke and I met with another branch of our agency. It was the domestic adoption side. A year ago, you would have dragged me in there kicking and screaming! "Domestic is not for us!" was my battle cry when people would ask why we were going overseas. I actually remember thinking "God, I really won't. I really can't. Please no on domestic adoption." I would have told you that there was just no way, no how. And here we are.

Today was just a fact finding mission more than anything else. Luke hasn't committed this specific thing to prayer yet, so we are in no way making decisions. Neither one of us feel a strong answer from God on this so far, and we won't be moving until we do. We have decided to both pray about it and see how God moves.

We found out a few interesting things...
  • the time line is faster with minorities (no shock there, sadly)
  • A few states on the east coast are to be avoided because of up 4 weeks of "takesy-backsies". And Utah for some father registry thing that can complicate things and result in takesy-backsies.
  • Once the parents sign over their rights its binding. that happens usually while the baby is still in the hospital.
So, there will be more research if we feel like God wants us to move forward on domestic. Until then, I'll try to pry myself away from websites and blogs and focus on listening and obeying.

I have had a lot of family and friends asking about this and praying for us. I just want to say thank you. It means the world to know that we are being lifted up!

Peace Out,

April 2, 2012

Adoption Update: things are getting interesting

Oh man. Its not so much that I am a slacker at the blog, its more like I don't know what I should write. Don't get me wrong, I've got plenty going on, but a lot of my updates on adoption are not "happy ending, everything worked out the way I thought it would" kind of updates. Here's the deal...since Luke and I were dating...no wait, I've got to go back further than that...

since I can remember being me, I have always had a heart for orphans. We used to "rescue" field mice and try to raise them when we were kids (didn't always work out, actually). I hated seeing injustice or suffering (who doesn't?). Then in the early 90's, I saw a presentation at my church about orphaned girls in China. And that was it. I knew that one day, adoption would be for me.

Fast forward 10 years. Luke and I are going to get married. We talk about kids. I bring up my desire to adopt. He's 100% on board. I bring up China. He's 100% on board.

Fast forward to my 29 1/2 year old birthday. We finally get to apply to adopt from China. This has been our goal. This has been what we have been waiting for. Two weeks before the birth of our second child, we applied for our third.

And now we wait. We knew there would be a wait. We knew it would be lengthy. We didn't know it could be 10 years. Could be. Maybe. It is all very up in the air right now. Once the Chinese government gets past matching families from a certain log in date, things are supposed to speed up. However, its possible that thing will stay the same (hence the 10 year wait). So for now, we are praying. We are sitting tight until we hear from God. We are considering the possibility of obedience.

The thing is, I thought we were obeying in just wanting to adopt from China. We are now considering that the country our child comes from may not have been God's plan, but ours (and by "ours" I mean "mine"). Its a humbling possibility because I have been so sure in the past. If I were completely honest with myself, though, I would say that the prayers then, when we started, were more of asking God to bless what we were doing instead of asking how we could follow his leading.

Do I think it is in God's plan for us to adopt? Yes, right now I do. Do I think that God is going to gift us a child from China? I'm not sure. Right now I'm in prayerful limbo. And that's ok. I would rather wait on God's timing and plan than forge ahead with my own. Again, if I'm completely honest with myself, that's basically what I've been doing.

So, who knows? Thankfully God does, and that's all I have to go on right now. I will keep you updated on my prayerful journey and would appreciate any you would like to throw my way. That Luke and I would get the same word from God, that we would be humble, patient and obedient.

Thanks. For real, yo.

Peace Out,