January 8, 2012

Hurumph: an update

So, I'm a little discouraged this week. It is beginning to settle in, these 5 years that we have to wait to get our child from China. Its not so much the 5 years, its the possibly more. I was reading a blog about a family who just got their little girl! It started in June 2006 when the wait was 11 months. According to the upper left hand corner of my computer, its 2012. They waited 5 and a half years for their daughter. When we started the estimated wait time was 5 years...what could it really turn out to be?

I've been praying and going back and forth with God and I don't feel that he is telling us to change course right now. Its just discouraging, you know? Ugh.

Pretty pathetic update, I know! Hopefully the next one will be a bit happier!

Peace Out,

January 1, 2012

My crazy kids

Really just some stuff that my kids are doing right now that I don't want to forget...

Sam and Caroline are starting to become "friends". I use that term loosely as there is a lot of grabbing and screaming involved. I like to think of it as a friendship forged in a fire. Its a bit painful, but they'll stick together for life.

Sam is coming out of (hopefully) a rough patch. Having a younger sibling around is a constant adjustment. As Caroline began asserting her independence, Sam began asserting some authority. It was ROUGH for a while with him, but he is learning. That if he gives her a toy first, she'll leave his alone. That she can't play ruffers as hard as him. Stuff like that. He is stringing his thoughts together so much better and that is helping too. He is getting into longer books and we are going to try out Charlotte's Web soon, I think. He loves music and dancing around the living room. He likes skiing and playing with his buddies. He really likes school regardless of his previous "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO PRESCHOOL" protests. He loves all things chocolate and listening to Psalty songs in the car. He is starting to tell us about his sunday school lessons. Today he kept saying "hey mom, in the bible, Jesus got pots and made special drinks!" So exciting for us to hear! He still can't say his "R's" or "L's" so his sister's name is Cawowine.

Caroline is Ms. Personality. She is a total ham! She will do almost anything for a laugh. She tries to jump, but doesn't get off the ground. She tries to run, but her little legs aren't quite there yet. She tries to climb on and jump off of the furniture which is giving me a heart attack, but at least I'm used to it from Sam. Her facial expressions are priceless. She now furrows her brow for no reason. She has a regular smile and a "cheese" smile. When something big or loud happens she says "WOW!" and it cracks me up. When she takes a toy from Sam that she knows she is not supposed to have, she gets this guilty panicked look on her face and high tails it over to me as Sam begins screaming! She is saying 3 word phrases like "here you go" all slurred together. She loves food. LOVES. If the world was made of crackers, she would be in heaven. She loves music as well and rocks left and right when she likes a song. We sing "sweet Caroline" to her and she does the "bum, bum, buuum" part every time which cracks me up. Welcome to a life of people singing you a song with your name in it. I don't know how that feels! Nope, not at all!

I'm sure I could write more, but these are the highlights and I hope that when they get older they will appreciate knowing what they were like when they were this age.

Peace Out,