November 27, 2011

The New Digs

"I'm exhausted" are not uncommon words to hear these days. Especially from a mom! But y'all...I'M EXHAUSTED! After much debate, much prayer and too much of our location, Luke and I decided to move. We had put the house on the market last year, but things didn't pan out and we didn't have a peace about it. So we waited until this fall. Until we felt like we were really on the same page with God, with each other, with life.

I was so anxious though. How am I supposed to show the house with two small children when its too cold to go for a walk outside? How are the prospective buyers going to see the house when I have two small children taking naps every day? How am I going to keep the house in "show ready" condition? God just calmed my heart and said, "its alright. We can do this." Which is good. Because I'm a foot-drager by nature.

To give ourselves the best kick start we could, we decided to start showing the day we left for a long weekend in Tennessee. We got a few calls while we were gone. Maybe 3 or 4 showings. Secretly I was hoping the first person who saw it would buy it so we wouldn't have to worry about it! When we returned home we tried to do life as usual, but it was so hard. After a week of showings, we got a call! Its amazing that it happened so fast. A couple who saw the house while we were out of town wanted to put in an offer. Exciting, but these days, offers can be somewhat insulting, so our hopes were high, expectations were low. Again, God answered our prayers! After only a few negotiating points, we agreed to a price! Praise the Lord, the house sold in a week!

Now we really ramped up looking for a house. We knew the neighborhoods we liked, the style, the city and that amounted to two. Yep, pretty much two neighborhoods. One was a pipe dream. Actually, they both were, but we serve a mighty God, so there's that. Every house we saw, I pretty much vetoed. Luke called me the murderer of houses. Half the time, I didn't even go inside. When you know its not for you, then its not for you. I was fully prepared to live in an extended stay Marriott rather than settle.

Then it happened! We were on our way out of town to the mountains for the weekend and our realtor wanted us to see a house. So we stopped by. It was in one of the neighborhoods that we LOVE and in our price range (although we are the riff-raff of this neighborhood, all the other houses are HUGE and crazy). For once, I had no veto. I really LOVED the house. We put an offer in and they accepted! No extended stay housing! Again, God is good and knows me so well!

So I'm sitting here in the living room. Surrounded by boxes and toys and paper. Why all the paper? And I realize, now this is totally cheesy but totally true, where ever my family is, that is where home is. I'm sitting on my couch next to Luke and this is probably as "at home" as I'm going to feel on this earth. And I am grateful. I mean GRATEFUL, for this house and God's many blessings, but most of all, for the people and relationships he has allowed me to have. From my family and the amazing girls I visited when the house first went on the market to my awesome husband to the sweet friends here that live just down the road a bit. Just. Very. Thankful.

Peace Out,