October 25, 2011


This may sound a bit (what's another word for anal?)...much. But oatmeal is a friend of mine. So in an effort to find the best oatmeal, Luke and I did our own little search for: THE BEST OATMEAL IN THE WORLD! dun, dun, duuuuuuuunnn!

I know you are now sitting on the edge of your seat! What are the results!? Which one could it be?!

We started with our old standby, quick quaker oats. All of our tests were made with milk, by the way, because we don't like our oatmeal watery. We prefer creamy. They produced the expected kind of mushy if undercooked, kind of rubbery if over cooked texture.

Next we tried steel cut oats. They are all the rage now. You didn't know? Well, now you do. They are all the rage. They took 30 minutes to cook and even then, they could have gone longer. They were nuttier in texture, so that was nice, but it was almost too much like eating grapenuts. Too much time, too much crunch.

Last we tried a brand called Better Oats: Raw. They were microwavable, which was nice. They have 5 whole grains and flaxseeds. So there is a bit of texture. Its chewier than the quick stuff and not as time consuming as the steel cut.

Done. We found them.

I figured since the title of my blog is about me loving cereal, which I do, I should keep you up to date on the latest. Its only right.

Next time: the return of Frankenberry!

Peace Out,


October 18, 2011

I think I think too much

I am a person who is easily torn between what I want and what I THINK God wants for me. Ultimately, like any sane person, I want God's will for my life. I can honestly say that the path that leads to him is the one I want to be on. And I know that that doesn't mean it will be easy or pleasant or happy all the time.

Right now Luke and I are looking for a house. We are eventually adding our adopted child to our family and would like for her to have her own room. Luke would also like an office that doesn't feel and look like a dungeon and a neighborhood that is not on a downward spiral. Then I read about people living in Uganda or Memphis or wherever, serving the poor and God and I wonder if I should just cash it all in, live in a hut and give all my money away! (I fear I may have swung the pendulum the extreme other way). Does anyone else every feel that way? That if you aren't living in squalor with a medical degree and daily saving lives that you aren't really doing any good? Have I just ruined your day?! On the other side, can I really and sincerely pray, "not my will (even a little bit), but Yours?" If tomorrow everything was gone, and that was how God wanted me to be, would that be ok?

And at the end of all that thinking, I haven't gotten a bit of laundry done, or the dishes. Geez, Lord, its amazing you tolerate me at all! ;)

And re-reading this I am aware of how blessed I am. We get to buy a house. That's awesome.

So my conclusion is, I think too much. I pray too little. I think I let conflicting perspectives paralyze action, when I could just live life and know God. See? There I go again with the thinking.

Ok. Now you know the kind of crazy I bring. Please still be my friend!

Peace Out,

October 13, 2011

Adoption Update: one year in

Oh the wait continues. A few folks have asked us recently how things are going with the adoption. I think of it this way...

Picture the longest line you can think of. Do you see it? The weather is not miserable, but you could stand a bit of refreshment none-the-less. And it is NOT moving. In all actuality, it is moving, but so slowly that it feels like its not moving. If you are picturing a traffic jam, you don't even see your exit yet. So you turn up the music, get on the cell phone, make a to do list, or day dream to pass the time because it is what it is. Will you get there some day? yes. Will it be soon? No. But you chose to live in (insert crazy traffic city here: Atlanta, L.A., New York, etc), so here you will sit until it is your turn.

The good thing about China is that they are predictable (at least they have been and seem to be continuing in that way). They also know economics and supply and demand. There are loads of babies who need homes, but they don't want to saturate the market. Ok, this last part is just my slightly skewed imagination, but who knows? Its probably due to a number of factors.

Regardless, this is where God has us. Waiting on Him. Waiting on his timing. Waiting for our little one. Trusting his plan. Praying for patience. Spreading the word about adoption. International and domestic. Being excited and supporting those who are ahead of us on a similar journey.

One exciting thing: as of September 10th, we are one year in to this journey (we turned in our Dossier and it was approved a year ago, at least).

So unless the time lines are moved up dramatically, we will not have any big news for a while. But we do appreciate the questions, requests for updates and most of all prayer for this, our little one, and God's help in all the details.

Thanks everyone!

Peace Out,