August 18, 2011

Polite Politics: A Rant

Oh, politics. To get straight to it, here's my beef (in a round about way. Don't worry I'll get there): there are differing views in our country. That is why we have more than one political party. One is not "right" and one is not "wrong" they are just different in their views. (that being said, some of the things they do are right and wrong, but both parties will eventually cancel each other out if you kept a tally). The thing is, why have people turned politics into their religion? People talk about it like their eternity rests in their vote. Its an important decision, but come on! As election year draws close, obviously there will be more political talk. My request is this: read...think polite! Thats it!

I read an article in a recognized news magazine where they criticized a candidate for wearing cargo pants, posing for pictures, and trying to get good press. The article suggested that every press person there "rolled their eyes." Really? Are the press now high school cyber bullies? Are they going to comment on her weight next? It was disheartening and more than a little frustrating. The other side of the press battle is no better. According to the next article the "other guys" are all terrorists who want to bankrupt the country, and buy your guns now because that right will soon be taken away.

The worst part of it is Facebook. Because now the informed and uninformed alike can plaster whatever rhetoric whatever side is spewing for all to see. I know its just Facebook, but it makes life...not so much uncomfortable, but unnerving. Is that the same thing? Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that I get to hear other opinions. I love having conversations that make me think. As long as the other person can listen as well as they speak.

I guess my request is, if you are going to put it out there, please make sure you are willing to stand behind it. Don't just throw it out there because its "sensational" or "this just in". Please, for the rest of us, read the article first. Think about what it is saying, not just what you agree with. And when in doubt, be polite! I promise, there will be republicans AND democrats in heaven!

Peace Out,


PS-I would firmly place myself in the "uninformed" column.

August 11, 2011


Ah the dog days. It is mid-august and Denver is still pretty darn hot. Its crazy to think that in a few short weeks, we could have snow. Not likely, but possible. I mean, its happened before.

All the kids over 5 are back in school. This is great because the pools don't close until after labor day so us preschool and toddler parents get the pools all to ourselves, which is awesome! We also get the parks and shops as well.

For now, though, life continues to plow along. Sam and Caroline are growing and learning all kinds of new things. They are making each other laugh and making me laugh too. Luke has been traveling more for work. At least one night a week, which is hard, but neither one of us wants the travel, so at least we are on the same side! Its funny, I never thought about my husband having to travel for work. My dad was home every day after work. It was tough to get used to (we've been married 9 years and it still unnerves me a little!), but we both feel like this is where God wants him right now.

Quick adoption update: nothing has changed. The nice thing about China is that they are very dogmatic in their process. We know what to expect and everything (as far as we know) is handled on the "up and up". There are no bribes to orphanage workers/ judges required or extra fees once you are there. No, they let you know that they are going to take a lot more than is necessary and they do it with a smile! One really good thing is that they have recently been placing more children each month this year than they have since 2007. It doesn't seem like a big deal to go from placing 7 children a month to placing about 9, but that is almost a 30% increase! We are very grateful! We are praying for our little one and are looking forward to the day that we get to bring her home!

Summer may be coming to an end, but we still have a lot going on! My parents are coming to visit on the 26th! We are headed up to Alma, CO where our friends have a cabin! We plan to enjoy the great outdoors and the summer weather up until the bitter end! And my dad wants so badly to pan for gold, so hopefully we will do that as well!

Funny Sam thing: everything these days is "probably". As in, "i'm probably 3 years old." "I'm probably going to have yogurt for breakfast." So stinkin' cute!

Funny Caroline thing: She keeps trying to grow up! She's 10 months old! If she keeps trying to stand up by herself and walk, I'm going to have to start pushing her down! She says, "mama, dada, cracker, uh-oh, hi" and almost says "doggie" She has 5 (almost 6) teeth. She wants to do everything Sam does. She is my little water leech still. But I kind of like it now.

That is all. Oh, and a moment of silence for my camera. Sam was playing with it (mommy mistake) and now all it will do is say "lens error". As I have growing children to monitor, this will have to be replaced soon.

Peace Out,