July 14, 2011

People-Who-Like-Things-That-I-Like Buyer's Guide

I'm petite...ish. My lifestyle is a mixed bag. I like to think of myself as a renaissance woman (in other words, "not really good at any one thing"). So when it comes to finding items to fit my lifestyle...there is a struggle.

But for you lucky reader, (I assume there is but one of you), fear not, I have done all the research you will ever need on everything you will ever need.

Lets get started...

  • In an effort to get awkward and personal right away, I present my findings on...THE SPORTS BRA. A little background: I take after my mom (ahem); I have birthed and nursed two lovely children; gravity wins. BUT, there is hope for you jogging enthusiasts! I present Moving Comfort! It is ugly as sin, I assure you. We are talking "old lady nude color," front zipper, reinforced everything, HOWEVER, you will not move whilst jogging around the hood. NO! Nary a lady will be sore after your jaunt. You might as well have wrapped yourself in duct tape while inhaling. So, pro's for the bra are decreased soreness, VERY LITTLE movement, warding off attackers and aggressive dogs with the ugliness. CONS: I bought it at Nordstroms. Booooo. That means it is pricier than your normal target/nike/under armor bras. In my opinion, though, worth it.
  • Next! Get excited! STROLLERS!!! Woohoo! I have very specific needs when it comes to transporting children. I don't want ten thousand strollers to sort through, I want one. As you also know, I like to jog. I stay home with my babies and the best time to go, is when both are awake (not stroller sleepers) and happy. So both kids come with me. Second, I want to go to the mall and have them relatively restrained. But who wants to haul a Double Bob to the mall? I tried it at REI and nearly threw my back out! I'M PETITE, PEOPLE! Its just not going to happen, but I don't want a different double stroller for the mall and for jogging. Enter: Phil & Ted's jogger. I know what you are thinking..."PRICEY." Yes, but worth it if you use it a lot and plan on having more than one kiddo and only one stroller. It folds down so easy and small and its very light. Now, of course I did not pay full price, that's for crazy people. Unless, of course, dear reader, you've bought one full price and then I say "good investment!" I got mine off Craig's List and a friend got her's off Ebay. They are extremely durable and hold their value very well. Do not be put off by the lower jump seat for the second kid. I thought Sam and Caroline would hate it, but they love it and Sam's friends ask to take turns riding down there!
  • Moving on! Sundresses from Target. They are by Mossimo, come in various colors. Mine is V-neck with an empire waist. I think it was 15 or 20 bucks. I love it! Its flattering, it goes well with flip flops.
  • Speaking of Flip Flops! Teva or Reef. 25 bucks give or take. They last two seasons if you play your cards right.
  • Shout Advanced is next on the list. Caroline is messy and we are lazy and sometimes don't put a bib on her. We don't treat it immediately and its still comes out. This stuff is gooooood. Funny how I said "we" as if anyone else but "me" does the laundry!
  • Kate Spade (knock off) sunglasses. They are for petite faces with small features. They don't make me look like a bug or an Olson twin (crazy big glasses).
  • This is a good one for people with older kids...our AMC Theater does a free kids movie during the week at like 10am. You can buy popcorn, etc, but the movie is free! I'm sure other movie theaters around the country do it too! Who doesn't like free? If your kids misbehave you can threaten to take them out and go home and follow through without losing a ton of money!
  • New Balance 993's. I've been wearing them since college (well, not the same pair) and nothing compares. Love.
So that is my list thus far! Feel free to comment and tell me your meticulously researched buys as well!

Peace Out,