June 4, 2011

Nashville/Texas Trip

We just got back from a whirlwind trip across the south! Our first stop was Franklin, which I love in the summer, even with the cicadas. It was great to celebrate with Holly at her wedding reception. It is always so relaxing out in the Fork (where my folks live). I actually start to breath easier when I head out Old Hillsboro Road. Honestly, it is a physical ability to take a deeper breath and relax. Sam had a great time playing with cousin Nick and Caroline and her Nana and Papa were as thick as thieves as usual. We ate at Puckett's, of course and a new place that served some Cajun food. I tried crawfish etteuffe (I can't spell it and spell check is not helping). The cicada's are attracted to noise so they were much worse in town. I saw a lady carrying a little poodle get dive-bombed! So funny! We did some shopping and Luke and I got away for a WHOLE NIGHT! woohoo!

We celebrated my little guy turning 3. We've made a deal that he's got to slow down this growing up process. Mommy can't handle it.

There was no big holiday to cook for. No big plans. It was nice just to relax.

We then went to Austin, TX and met up with Luke's family. Luke did the Austin Triathlon and we all thought it would be a good meeting place. Austin is a really cool city. I thought it would be bigger, but its very cool. I already said that.

Anywho, we watched Luke's cousin do a children's improv. show about pirates and ate dinner at her house. We heard about Uncle David's exotic vacations and we caught up with Luke's parents and grandparents. It was so fun! We also ate a good deal in Texas. My personal favorite was The Salt Lick in Driftwood (I think was the name). Acoustic guitar players outside while you wait. Fresh squeezed lemonade and AWESOME BBQ!

Luke did amazing at his triathlon. It was an Olympic distance and his only goal is to finish, which he did with flying colors! However, this is not an event you bring children to. The kids did great, all things considered, but if you asked them, I'm sure they were miserable. AND DAMN, it was hot. I don't usually use colorful language...on the blog...but this was some colorful heat. I was forced into shorts. There was no choice. I'm sure I blinded people. Quite positive, actually. So I take back what I said about Austin being cool. That's a misnomer.

By the time we boarded our delayed flight back to Denver, the kids were delirious with lack of sleep. Sam walked through the airport in just a pull up AGAIN. He dropped his shirt in the airplane bathroom and pee went all over him. Regardless, he didn't care. He just pulled his mini suitcase around while people took pictures WITH THEIR IPHONES. (really people? really?) I already feel like a super lame mom, don't post it to your facebook.

Home at last and the kids slept for 2 days straight. It was awesome. And now that's done. And Sam is back to boycotting most of his naps.

Yeah for normal!

Peace Out,


ps-new cereal alert: Kashi Go Lean CRISP. With craisins and such. VERY yummy!