March 16, 2011

Cabo Loco

My family was lucky enough to take a vacation to Cabo San Lucas this spring. It was such a great getaway with my parents (who were gracious enough to help with our kiddos). There were so many highlights and here are a few:
  • Staying in a Villa over looking the sea of Cortez. Beautiful, convenient for naps and plenty of room for everyone to have some space.
  • Pepe the house cleaner and her daughter Nubia (the cook). Nubia and Pepe cooked for us one night. Homemade everything (fish, fajitas, chicken mole, guac.). It was sooooo gooooood. And we had leftovers for the entire rest of the week.
  • The beach
  • The sun
  • The beach
  • and the sun
  • Hanging with my folks
  • My kids and husband hanging with my folks
So there were a few challenges as well. What would a memorable vacation be without a little drama...
  • After checking in at the airport in a bit of a frenzy (curbside check in was not available and other things that did not go according to plan) we headed to security. I couldn't find my passport. We knew we had it because I checked in, but it was GONE. We looked everywhere. We eventually decided that we weren't going anywhere. As a last ditch effort, we went back to main area, to lost and found, to the check in desk. NOTHING. Dad says, "hey teresa, ask that cleaning lady." SHE HAD IT. She found it on the ground (fell out while I was feeding Caroline). We RAN to security AGAIN and RAN to our gate! We made it on the plane, but it was crazy getting started.
  • The rental car was not waiting for us when we got there. A shmuck trying to sell insurance tried to high jack us at the counter then FINALLY we got a shuttle to our car.
  • Driving in Mexico is a little like driving in Atlanta or Chicago, but with fewer road signs, and fewer people who follow the rules. Our minivan "white lightning" had two speeds: rolling stop and GOOOOOOO!
So as a group we decided that Satan was allowed to jack with our transportation. But when we calmed down and went with it, we realized that we were on "god's tour" of Cabo. We ate at unexpected places that we weren't planning on and they were memorable, delicious and awesome and no one got sick! We made it through the week none the worse for wear and learning a little about god and transportation at the same time!

Here is the villa we stayed at:

This is Pepe, Nubia's mom who helped make dinner!

This is one of the "god tour" eateries. We ate on the beach with a great view of Land's End

This is our minivan "white lightning" being blocked by a tree, a fence and a jeep. We ate lunch on the other side of this well-organized parking lot! Again, on our "god tour."

Loving hanging out with my parents! The best part!

So grateful!

Peace Out,