January 28, 2011

Friday Night at the Movies, or: Other Big Steps

Tonight I did something I have never done before in my whooooole life. I went to a movie. By. My. Self.

I know, it seems silly that this is an event worth writing about, but it was very liberating. I am not a "by myself" kind of girl. Even as an adult, sometimes I literally get anxious when I'm alone. I've let it hold me back in the past, but no more!

Let me set the scene: Luke is sick (these days per usual, poor guy) and has spent the entire day/evening in bed. The kids and I have been alone for the past five days. They are sick of me and they need to be cared for by their dad. Also, mama needs to go somewhere where no one is touching her or watching her go to the bathroom, or CONSTANTLY saying her name over and over and over again...etc.

Usually, I would stay home, watch TV or a movie. Watching my entire weekend fall apart with yet another sick family Friday night. (pardon the slight drama). Luke would fall asleep around 8:30 and I would be bored and BITTER (for additional reasons, see above paragraph). So to curb any ill feelings, I decided that things have to change.

Tonight, I took myself out. I went to see The King's Speech (which was AWESOME!). I sat by myself and did NOT feel at all uncomfortable or conspicuous. After the movie, I took myself to get some frozen yogurt. The world did not end. Its so funny that something so insignificant sounding could feel so empowering (and yes, I again know that I'm being a bit dramatic). It was a small step for overworked stay at home moms, but a giant leap for me!

I think as a mom I am so used to asking what my kids or husband wants that I forget that I have wants too.

It was a good night.

Peace Out,


January 6, 2011

New Year

Both of my children are asleep...at the same time. God knew I needed some time to myself after yesterday!

If you haven't done the math in a while. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old son, Sam. He is joy. He is the apple of my eye. He is energy and excitement with a dirty face. He loves so well. He wants to be so independent.

And he misbehaves. Let me just say that before I had children of my own, I would (despite my best efforts not to) judge other parents. Not condemningly, but comparitively. "when I am a parent my child will/will not do {insert behavior here}." I truly blamed the parents for "letting go of the reigns." Its ok, you can laugh at me now. I deserve it. Throw in a good eye roll. I can take it.

To a certain degree, I still think my theory holds water. How parents respond to and direct their children has a direct impact on their behavior, but that's theory.

Putting any of the strategies to parent "well behaved, well rounded" children into practice is another story and no one is consistent all the time. You just can't be. Even if you were to tell me to my face, I would not believe you!

So apparently I have recently let go of Sam's reigns and he has responded in accord by bucking and running away (metaphorically).

After some well timed advice from an older (haha) and wiser sister and a good friend, things are under control today. However, tomorrow is another day and the little devil inside my sweet baby boy might rear its little horns, but we'll take the Scarlett O'Hara approach and worry about that tomorrow.

Oh and here are my new year's resolutions:
1. Work out once a week (I am trying to be realistic)
2. Organize the house....hahaha
3. Take more pictures
4. Keep a journal
5. Laugh more

Peace Out,