November 27, 2011

The New Digs

"I'm exhausted" are not uncommon words to hear these days. Especially from a mom! But y'all...I'M EXHAUSTED! After much debate, much prayer and too much of our location, Luke and I decided to move. We had put the house on the market last year, but things didn't pan out and we didn't have a peace about it. So we waited until this fall. Until we felt like we were really on the same page with God, with each other, with life.

I was so anxious though. How am I supposed to show the house with two small children when its too cold to go for a walk outside? How are the prospective buyers going to see the house when I have two small children taking naps every day? How am I going to keep the house in "show ready" condition? God just calmed my heart and said, "its alright. We can do this." Which is good. Because I'm a foot-drager by nature.

To give ourselves the best kick start we could, we decided to start showing the day we left for a long weekend in Tennessee. We got a few calls while we were gone. Maybe 3 or 4 showings. Secretly I was hoping the first person who saw it would buy it so we wouldn't have to worry about it! When we returned home we tried to do life as usual, but it was so hard. After a week of showings, we got a call! Its amazing that it happened so fast. A couple who saw the house while we were out of town wanted to put in an offer. Exciting, but these days, offers can be somewhat insulting, so our hopes were high, expectations were low. Again, God answered our prayers! After only a few negotiating points, we agreed to a price! Praise the Lord, the house sold in a week!

Now we really ramped up looking for a house. We knew the neighborhoods we liked, the style, the city and that amounted to two. Yep, pretty much two neighborhoods. One was a pipe dream. Actually, they both were, but we serve a mighty God, so there's that. Every house we saw, I pretty much vetoed. Luke called me the murderer of houses. Half the time, I didn't even go inside. When you know its not for you, then its not for you. I was fully prepared to live in an extended stay Marriott rather than settle.

Then it happened! We were on our way out of town to the mountains for the weekend and our realtor wanted us to see a house. So we stopped by. It was in one of the neighborhoods that we LOVE and in our price range (although we are the riff-raff of this neighborhood, all the other houses are HUGE and crazy). For once, I had no veto. I really LOVED the house. We put an offer in and they accepted! No extended stay housing! Again, God is good and knows me so well!

So I'm sitting here in the living room. Surrounded by boxes and toys and paper. Why all the paper? And I realize, now this is totally cheesy but totally true, where ever my family is, that is where home is. I'm sitting on my couch next to Luke and this is probably as "at home" as I'm going to feel on this earth. And I am grateful. I mean GRATEFUL, for this house and God's many blessings, but most of all, for the people and relationships he has allowed me to have. From my family and the amazing girls I visited when the house first went on the market to my awesome husband to the sweet friends here that live just down the road a bit. Just. Very. Thankful.

Peace Out,

October 25, 2011


This may sound a bit (what's another word for anal?)...much. But oatmeal is a friend of mine. So in an effort to find the best oatmeal, Luke and I did our own little search for: THE BEST OATMEAL IN THE WORLD! dun, dun, duuuuuuuunnn!

I know you are now sitting on the edge of your seat! What are the results!? Which one could it be?!

We started with our old standby, quick quaker oats. All of our tests were made with milk, by the way, because we don't like our oatmeal watery. We prefer creamy. They produced the expected kind of mushy if undercooked, kind of rubbery if over cooked texture.

Next we tried steel cut oats. They are all the rage now. You didn't know? Well, now you do. They are all the rage. They took 30 minutes to cook and even then, they could have gone longer. They were nuttier in texture, so that was nice, but it was almost too much like eating grapenuts. Too much time, too much crunch.

Last we tried a brand called Better Oats: Raw. They were microwavable, which was nice. They have 5 whole grains and flaxseeds. So there is a bit of texture. Its chewier than the quick stuff and not as time consuming as the steel cut.

Done. We found them.

I figured since the title of my blog is about me loving cereal, which I do, I should keep you up to date on the latest. Its only right.

Next time: the return of Frankenberry!

Peace Out,


October 18, 2011

I think I think too much

I am a person who is easily torn between what I want and what I THINK God wants for me. Ultimately, like any sane person, I want God's will for my life. I can honestly say that the path that leads to him is the one I want to be on. And I know that that doesn't mean it will be easy or pleasant or happy all the time.

Right now Luke and I are looking for a house. We are eventually adding our adopted child to our family and would like for her to have her own room. Luke would also like an office that doesn't feel and look like a dungeon and a neighborhood that is not on a downward spiral. Then I read about people living in Uganda or Memphis or wherever, serving the poor and God and I wonder if I should just cash it all in, live in a hut and give all my money away! (I fear I may have swung the pendulum the extreme other way). Does anyone else every feel that way? That if you aren't living in squalor with a medical degree and daily saving lives that you aren't really doing any good? Have I just ruined your day?! On the other side, can I really and sincerely pray, "not my will (even a little bit), but Yours?" If tomorrow everything was gone, and that was how God wanted me to be, would that be ok?

And at the end of all that thinking, I haven't gotten a bit of laundry done, or the dishes. Geez, Lord, its amazing you tolerate me at all! ;)

And re-reading this I am aware of how blessed I am. We get to buy a house. That's awesome.

So my conclusion is, I think too much. I pray too little. I think I let conflicting perspectives paralyze action, when I could just live life and know God. See? There I go again with the thinking.

Ok. Now you know the kind of crazy I bring. Please still be my friend!

Peace Out,

October 13, 2011

Adoption Update: one year in

Oh the wait continues. A few folks have asked us recently how things are going with the adoption. I think of it this way...

Picture the longest line you can think of. Do you see it? The weather is not miserable, but you could stand a bit of refreshment none-the-less. And it is NOT moving. In all actuality, it is moving, but so slowly that it feels like its not moving. If you are picturing a traffic jam, you don't even see your exit yet. So you turn up the music, get on the cell phone, make a to do list, or day dream to pass the time because it is what it is. Will you get there some day? yes. Will it be soon? No. But you chose to live in (insert crazy traffic city here: Atlanta, L.A., New York, etc), so here you will sit until it is your turn.

The good thing about China is that they are predictable (at least they have been and seem to be continuing in that way). They also know economics and supply and demand. There are loads of babies who need homes, but they don't want to saturate the market. Ok, this last part is just my slightly skewed imagination, but who knows? Its probably due to a number of factors.

Regardless, this is where God has us. Waiting on Him. Waiting on his timing. Waiting for our little one. Trusting his plan. Praying for patience. Spreading the word about adoption. International and domestic. Being excited and supporting those who are ahead of us on a similar journey.

One exciting thing: as of September 10th, we are one year in to this journey (we turned in our Dossier and it was approved a year ago, at least).

So unless the time lines are moved up dramatically, we will not have any big news for a while. But we do appreciate the questions, requests for updates and most of all prayer for this, our little one, and God's help in all the details.

Thanks everyone!

Peace Out,

August 18, 2011

Polite Politics: A Rant

Oh, politics. To get straight to it, here's my beef (in a round about way. Don't worry I'll get there): there are differing views in our country. That is why we have more than one political party. One is not "right" and one is not "wrong" they are just different in their views. (that being said, some of the things they do are right and wrong, but both parties will eventually cancel each other out if you kept a tally). The thing is, why have people turned politics into their religion? People talk about it like their eternity rests in their vote. Its an important decision, but come on! As election year draws close, obviously there will be more political talk. My request is this: read...think polite! Thats it!

I read an article in a recognized news magazine where they criticized a candidate for wearing cargo pants, posing for pictures, and trying to get good press. The article suggested that every press person there "rolled their eyes." Really? Are the press now high school cyber bullies? Are they going to comment on her weight next? It was disheartening and more than a little frustrating. The other side of the press battle is no better. According to the next article the "other guys" are all terrorists who want to bankrupt the country, and buy your guns now because that right will soon be taken away.

The worst part of it is Facebook. Because now the informed and uninformed alike can plaster whatever rhetoric whatever side is spewing for all to see. I know its just Facebook, but it makes life...not so much uncomfortable, but unnerving. Is that the same thing? Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that I get to hear other opinions. I love having conversations that make me think. As long as the other person can listen as well as they speak.

I guess my request is, if you are going to put it out there, please make sure you are willing to stand behind it. Don't just throw it out there because its "sensational" or "this just in". Please, for the rest of us, read the article first. Think about what it is saying, not just what you agree with. And when in doubt, be polite! I promise, there will be republicans AND democrats in heaven!

Peace Out,


PS-I would firmly place myself in the "uninformed" column.

August 11, 2011


Ah the dog days. It is mid-august and Denver is still pretty darn hot. Its crazy to think that in a few short weeks, we could have snow. Not likely, but possible. I mean, its happened before.

All the kids over 5 are back in school. This is great because the pools don't close until after labor day so us preschool and toddler parents get the pools all to ourselves, which is awesome! We also get the parks and shops as well.

For now, though, life continues to plow along. Sam and Caroline are growing and learning all kinds of new things. They are making each other laugh and making me laugh too. Luke has been traveling more for work. At least one night a week, which is hard, but neither one of us wants the travel, so at least we are on the same side! Its funny, I never thought about my husband having to travel for work. My dad was home every day after work. It was tough to get used to (we've been married 9 years and it still unnerves me a little!), but we both feel like this is where God wants him right now.

Quick adoption update: nothing has changed. The nice thing about China is that they are very dogmatic in their process. We know what to expect and everything (as far as we know) is handled on the "up and up". There are no bribes to orphanage workers/ judges required or extra fees once you are there. No, they let you know that they are going to take a lot more than is necessary and they do it with a smile! One really good thing is that they have recently been placing more children each month this year than they have since 2007. It doesn't seem like a big deal to go from placing 7 children a month to placing about 9, but that is almost a 30% increase! We are very grateful! We are praying for our little one and are looking forward to the day that we get to bring her home!

Summer may be coming to an end, but we still have a lot going on! My parents are coming to visit on the 26th! We are headed up to Alma, CO where our friends have a cabin! We plan to enjoy the great outdoors and the summer weather up until the bitter end! And my dad wants so badly to pan for gold, so hopefully we will do that as well!

Funny Sam thing: everything these days is "probably". As in, "i'm probably 3 years old." "I'm probably going to have yogurt for breakfast." So stinkin' cute!

Funny Caroline thing: She keeps trying to grow up! She's 10 months old! If she keeps trying to stand up by herself and walk, I'm going to have to start pushing her down! She says, "mama, dada, cracker, uh-oh, hi" and almost says "doggie" She has 5 (almost 6) teeth. She wants to do everything Sam does. She is my little water leech still. But I kind of like it now.

That is all. Oh, and a moment of silence for my camera. Sam was playing with it (mommy mistake) and now all it will do is say "lens error". As I have growing children to monitor, this will have to be replaced soon.

Peace Out,

July 14, 2011

People-Who-Like-Things-That-I-Like Buyer's Guide

I'm petite...ish. My lifestyle is a mixed bag. I like to think of myself as a renaissance woman (in other words, "not really good at any one thing"). So when it comes to finding items to fit my lifestyle...there is a struggle.

But for you lucky reader, (I assume there is but one of you), fear not, I have done all the research you will ever need on everything you will ever need.

Lets get started...

  • In an effort to get awkward and personal right away, I present my findings on...THE SPORTS BRA. A little background: I take after my mom (ahem); I have birthed and nursed two lovely children; gravity wins. BUT, there is hope for you jogging enthusiasts! I present Moving Comfort! It is ugly as sin, I assure you. We are talking "old lady nude color," front zipper, reinforced everything, HOWEVER, you will not move whilst jogging around the hood. NO! Nary a lady will be sore after your jaunt. You might as well have wrapped yourself in duct tape while inhaling. So, pro's for the bra are decreased soreness, VERY LITTLE movement, warding off attackers and aggressive dogs with the ugliness. CONS: I bought it at Nordstroms. Booooo. That means it is pricier than your normal target/nike/under armor bras. In my opinion, though, worth it.
  • Next! Get excited! STROLLERS!!! Woohoo! I have very specific needs when it comes to transporting children. I don't want ten thousand strollers to sort through, I want one. As you also know, I like to jog. I stay home with my babies and the best time to go, is when both are awake (not stroller sleepers) and happy. So both kids come with me. Second, I want to go to the mall and have them relatively restrained. But who wants to haul a Double Bob to the mall? I tried it at REI and nearly threw my back out! I'M PETITE, PEOPLE! Its just not going to happen, but I don't want a different double stroller for the mall and for jogging. Enter: Phil & Ted's jogger. I know what you are thinking..."PRICEY." Yes, but worth it if you use it a lot and plan on having more than one kiddo and only one stroller. It folds down so easy and small and its very light. Now, of course I did not pay full price, that's for crazy people. Unless, of course, dear reader, you've bought one full price and then I say "good investment!" I got mine off Craig's List and a friend got her's off Ebay. They are extremely durable and hold their value very well. Do not be put off by the lower jump seat for the second kid. I thought Sam and Caroline would hate it, but they love it and Sam's friends ask to take turns riding down there!
  • Moving on! Sundresses from Target. They are by Mossimo, come in various colors. Mine is V-neck with an empire waist. I think it was 15 or 20 bucks. I love it! Its flattering, it goes well with flip flops.
  • Speaking of Flip Flops! Teva or Reef. 25 bucks give or take. They last two seasons if you play your cards right.
  • Shout Advanced is next on the list. Caroline is messy and we are lazy and sometimes don't put a bib on her. We don't treat it immediately and its still comes out. This stuff is gooooood. Funny how I said "we" as if anyone else but "me" does the laundry!
  • Kate Spade (knock off) sunglasses. They are for petite faces with small features. They don't make me look like a bug or an Olson twin (crazy big glasses).
  • This is a good one for people with older kids...our AMC Theater does a free kids movie during the week at like 10am. You can buy popcorn, etc, but the movie is free! I'm sure other movie theaters around the country do it too! Who doesn't like free? If your kids misbehave you can threaten to take them out and go home and follow through without losing a ton of money!
  • New Balance 993's. I've been wearing them since college (well, not the same pair) and nothing compares. Love.
So that is my list thus far! Feel free to comment and tell me your meticulously researched buys as well!

Peace Out,


June 4, 2011

Nashville/Texas Trip

We just got back from a whirlwind trip across the south! Our first stop was Franklin, which I love in the summer, even with the cicadas. It was great to celebrate with Holly at her wedding reception. It is always so relaxing out in the Fork (where my folks live). I actually start to breath easier when I head out Old Hillsboro Road. Honestly, it is a physical ability to take a deeper breath and relax. Sam had a great time playing with cousin Nick and Caroline and her Nana and Papa were as thick as thieves as usual. We ate at Puckett's, of course and a new place that served some Cajun food. I tried crawfish etteuffe (I can't spell it and spell check is not helping). The cicada's are attracted to noise so they were much worse in town. I saw a lady carrying a little poodle get dive-bombed! So funny! We did some shopping and Luke and I got away for a WHOLE NIGHT! woohoo!

We celebrated my little guy turning 3. We've made a deal that he's got to slow down this growing up process. Mommy can't handle it.

There was no big holiday to cook for. No big plans. It was nice just to relax.

We then went to Austin, TX and met up with Luke's family. Luke did the Austin Triathlon and we all thought it would be a good meeting place. Austin is a really cool city. I thought it would be bigger, but its very cool. I already said that.

Anywho, we watched Luke's cousin do a children's improv. show about pirates and ate dinner at her house. We heard about Uncle David's exotic vacations and we caught up with Luke's parents and grandparents. It was so fun! We also ate a good deal in Texas. My personal favorite was The Salt Lick in Driftwood (I think was the name). Acoustic guitar players outside while you wait. Fresh squeezed lemonade and AWESOME BBQ!

Luke did amazing at his triathlon. It was an Olympic distance and his only goal is to finish, which he did with flying colors! However, this is not an event you bring children to. The kids did great, all things considered, but if you asked them, I'm sure they were miserable. AND DAMN, it was hot. I don't usually use colorful language...on the blog...but this was some colorful heat. I was forced into shorts. There was no choice. I'm sure I blinded people. Quite positive, actually. So I take back what I said about Austin being cool. That's a misnomer.

By the time we boarded our delayed flight back to Denver, the kids were delirious with lack of sleep. Sam walked through the airport in just a pull up AGAIN. He dropped his shirt in the airplane bathroom and pee went all over him. Regardless, he didn't care. He just pulled his mini suitcase around while people took pictures WITH THEIR IPHONES. (really people? really?) I already feel like a super lame mom, don't post it to your facebook.

Home at last and the kids slept for 2 days straight. It was awesome. And now that's done. And Sam is back to boycotting most of his naps.

Yeah for normal!

Peace Out,


ps-new cereal alert: Kashi Go Lean CRISP. With craisins and such. VERY yummy!

May 16, 2011

A Post For Caroline

Caroline is almost 8 months old now. She is in the midst of my favorite age so far (it was my favorite with Sam too).

Without further are a few things that my little Misses is up to:
  • When you wake up from your nap and see me, you have this huge smile on your face. And when I pick you up, you giggle and kick your legs! Then I hold you and you grab my hair and my face and pull my face to yours. It is so sweet and I love it.
  • You sit up very well and are trying to figure out how to get your legs under you to crawl.
  • You are obsessed with the computer. Whenever I'm feeding you and you hear me click around, you immediately look to see and try to roll over and touch it.
  • You think Sam is the bee's knees. You all laugh so much at each other.
  • If it were up to you, you would be held ALL the time. You just want to be part of the action
  • You love Rufus and he loves you. Well, he loves to lick you.
  • You suck your thumb when I lay you down for bed. I know its not the greatest habit, but its so darn cute!
  • You smile with your whole face. Especially when your dad walks in the room.
  • Your favorite foods are: sweet potatoes, yogurt and pears, as well as oatmeal and squash
Your family can't get enough of you and we love you so much!

Peace Out,


May 1, 2011

Stuff I don't Want to Forget

Sam has been in rare form lately, which can be good and bad. As he is approaching 3 his vocabulary, logic, and general understanding are growing by leaps and bounds. He is trying so hard to figure out his boundaries and in doing so, is wearing me out. (since I'm the primary boundary maker during the day.) He is starting to notice Caroline as more than just a blob, but as a potential source of fun. He and Rufus have a love-hate relationship, depending on who's winning the race/wrestling match/food grabbing.

A few things that have cracked me up over the last few months...

  • We decided to give preschool a try so we toured St. Luke's Little School and really liked it. Later that week, I ran by the school to drop off the application. I just had to run in really quick, but I'd never left the kids alone in the car before. It was a nice day so I left the door open and could clearly see them for the 20 seconds I was out of the car. Sam instantly started crying when we hit the parking lot. I told him that we weren't staying, but I was dropping off some papers so he could come here next fall. As I'm running to the door to drop them off, I hear Sam screaming through tears, "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO PRESCHOOL!!!!" and I yell back, "yes you do!!!"
  • His favorite song for a week started with, "Jesus Christ...dashing through the snow!"
  • He is starting to pick up my mannerisms. The other day he says, "mom. question for you."
  • He yells at the TV. When Buzz Lightyear or any other cartoon character gets in a physical fight he yells, "BUUUUZZZZ. NOOOO. THAT IS NOT KIND!! TIME OUT OR SPANKINGS!!"
  • We are potty training and he gets "m and m's" or "jelly m's" (jelly beans)
  • He calls Caroline "Cawowine"
  • He's obsessed with boots and being naked. Generally at the same time.
  • He has loved black beans since the first day they entered his mouth (he was probably 7 or 8 months old). It was the first time he ever signed "more"
  • He still puts his hands up in the air and says "I want to hold you" when he wants us to carry him. It will be a sad day when he figures out pronouns.
  • He LOVES having company over. He waits at the door and screams when they arrive!
  • He is learning to ride a two-wheeler (with training wheels) and LOVES it.
  • Whenever I am on the phone, he wants to talk to whomever is on the line. (sorry friends!)
So that's an awful lot about Sam, but I haven't done an archive in a long time for him! Next will be Caroline! I just don't want to forget what they were like when they were this little.

Peace Out,

April 13, 2011

Adoption Update/Predate

I have been asked recently by a few sweet friends how things are going on the adoption front. I haven't written about it since September because that was the last time we needed to get things in and cross things off our list. The previous year has been paperwork city. Once we got all of it done, we sent it off to China and it was logged in over there. We have a log in date of 9/9/10. Now the only thing to do is wait. We are in one HUGE line. Things will need to be renewed and that's OK. We will eventually take adoption classes through our agency. They keep us very up to date and informed. They really are amazing and I appreciate knowing what is going on. We pray for our little one-yet to be even conceived-and would appreciate your prayers for her as well.

We believe that God has a child for us. In China. Just like Sam and Caroline were specifically placed in our family. This child is chosen as well. Its comforting to serve a God from whom adoption was invented. He loves it. So much so that he adopted us into his family. He sacrificed his son so that we could be his children. This journey to love the unloved is where he has placed us and he promises to go with us, no matter what. What's awesome is that we are so excited and are looking forward to it!

There are plenty of questions and concerns. I mean we aren't completely naive to the possible issues that can come up. For example: what if she has unknown medical problems? what if she fails to bond with us? what if she doesn't play the violin and love math? :) What if it takes longer than we think? What if its not what we expect? If you have any more, feel free to ask them. I won't be offended. Promise. We know this is not going to be easy.

There are some resources at our disposal. Plenty of people who have gone before us. They can offer wisdom, help, suggestions, etc. Our church. Our agency has a Chinese Cultural Center for the adopted children and their siblings (Sam and Caroline) where they can learn about China, learn the language, be with other adopted kids from their area. Our families, who love and support us and our children. And the Sunday school answer: God! Who promises to supply all our needs AND who has a plan to prosper us, not to harm us!

So there you have it. I'll let you know if anything new pops up! Thanks for praying!

Peace Out,


March 16, 2011

Cabo Loco

My family was lucky enough to take a vacation to Cabo San Lucas this spring. It was such a great getaway with my parents (who were gracious enough to help with our kiddos). There were so many highlights and here are a few:
  • Staying in a Villa over looking the sea of Cortez. Beautiful, convenient for naps and plenty of room for everyone to have some space.
  • Pepe the house cleaner and her daughter Nubia (the cook). Nubia and Pepe cooked for us one night. Homemade everything (fish, fajitas, chicken mole, guac.). It was sooooo gooooood. And we had leftovers for the entire rest of the week.
  • The beach
  • The sun
  • The beach
  • and the sun
  • Hanging with my folks
  • My kids and husband hanging with my folks
So there were a few challenges as well. What would a memorable vacation be without a little drama...
  • After checking in at the airport in a bit of a frenzy (curbside check in was not available and other things that did not go according to plan) we headed to security. I couldn't find my passport. We knew we had it because I checked in, but it was GONE. We looked everywhere. We eventually decided that we weren't going anywhere. As a last ditch effort, we went back to main area, to lost and found, to the check in desk. NOTHING. Dad says, "hey teresa, ask that cleaning lady." SHE HAD IT. She found it on the ground (fell out while I was feeding Caroline). We RAN to security AGAIN and RAN to our gate! We made it on the plane, but it was crazy getting started.
  • The rental car was not waiting for us when we got there. A shmuck trying to sell insurance tried to high jack us at the counter then FINALLY we got a shuttle to our car.
  • Driving in Mexico is a little like driving in Atlanta or Chicago, but with fewer road signs, and fewer people who follow the rules. Our minivan "white lightning" had two speeds: rolling stop and GOOOOOOO!
So as a group we decided that Satan was allowed to jack with our transportation. But when we calmed down and went with it, we realized that we were on "god's tour" of Cabo. We ate at unexpected places that we weren't planning on and they were memorable, delicious and awesome and no one got sick! We made it through the week none the worse for wear and learning a little about god and transportation at the same time!

Here is the villa we stayed at:

This is Pepe, Nubia's mom who helped make dinner!

This is one of the "god tour" eateries. We ate on the beach with a great view of Land's End

This is our minivan "white lightning" being blocked by a tree, a fence and a jeep. We ate lunch on the other side of this well-organized parking lot! Again, on our "god tour."

Loving hanging out with my parents! The best part!

So grateful!

Peace Out,

February 23, 2011

I'm Sick

I always joke with Luke about taking a sick day that isn't really a sick day because he gets sick WAY more than I do and it would be nice to sleep all day.

I take it all back.

This suuuuuuucks. I wish I could sleep, but I can't. I wish my head would stop pounding. It won't. I wish this lady typing would stop complaining!


But this suuuuuuucks! I wish someone would punch me in the face and put me out of my misery!

Peace Out,


February 13, 2011

My Funny Valentines

Luckiest. Mom. Ever.

Peace Out,


January 28, 2011

Friday Night at the Movies, or: Other Big Steps

Tonight I did something I have never done before in my whooooole life. I went to a movie. By. My. Self.

I know, it seems silly that this is an event worth writing about, but it was very liberating. I am not a "by myself" kind of girl. Even as an adult, sometimes I literally get anxious when I'm alone. I've let it hold me back in the past, but no more!

Let me set the scene: Luke is sick (these days per usual, poor guy) and has spent the entire day/evening in bed. The kids and I have been alone for the past five days. They are sick of me and they need to be cared for by their dad. Also, mama needs to go somewhere where no one is touching her or watching her go to the bathroom, or CONSTANTLY saying her name over and over and over again...etc.

Usually, I would stay home, watch TV or a movie. Watching my entire weekend fall apart with yet another sick family Friday night. (pardon the slight drama). Luke would fall asleep around 8:30 and I would be bored and BITTER (for additional reasons, see above paragraph). So to curb any ill feelings, I decided that things have to change.

Tonight, I took myself out. I went to see The King's Speech (which was AWESOME!). I sat by myself and did NOT feel at all uncomfortable or conspicuous. After the movie, I took myself to get some frozen yogurt. The world did not end. Its so funny that something so insignificant sounding could feel so empowering (and yes, I again know that I'm being a bit dramatic). It was a small step for overworked stay at home moms, but a giant leap for me!

I think as a mom I am so used to asking what my kids or husband wants that I forget that I have wants too.

It was a good night.

Peace Out,


January 6, 2011

New Year

Both of my children are the same time. God knew I needed some time to myself after yesterday!

If you haven't done the math in a while. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old son, Sam. He is joy. He is the apple of my eye. He is energy and excitement with a dirty face. He loves so well. He wants to be so independent.

And he misbehaves. Let me just say that before I had children of my own, I would (despite my best efforts not to) judge other parents. Not condemningly, but comparitively. "when I am a parent my child will/will not do {insert behavior here}." I truly blamed the parents for "letting go of the reigns." Its ok, you can laugh at me now. I deserve it. Throw in a good eye roll. I can take it.

To a certain degree, I still think my theory holds water. How parents respond to and direct their children has a direct impact on their behavior, but that's theory.

Putting any of the strategies to parent "well behaved, well rounded" children into practice is another story and no one is consistent all the time. You just can't be. Even if you were to tell me to my face, I would not believe you!

So apparently I have recently let go of Sam's reigns and he has responded in accord by bucking and running away (metaphorically).

After some well timed advice from an older (haha) and wiser sister and a good friend, things are under control today. However, tomorrow is another day and the little devil inside my sweet baby boy might rear its little horns, but we'll take the Scarlett O'Hara approach and worry about that tomorrow.

Oh and here are my new year's resolutions:
1. Work out once a week (I am trying to be realistic)
2. Organize the house....hahaha
3. Take more pictures
4. Keep a journal
5. Laugh more

Peace Out,