December 16, 2010

A Word On Outdoor Christmas Decorations

There is a divide out there. And people seem to be quite adamant about their stance. Are you pro lights-and-blowup snow globes-and-"santa land here"-and glowing candy canes? Are you a "white lights only"? Are you anti-outdoor decorations as a whole?

There isn't much encouragement to express yourself here in the 'Shire. Our houses are all various shades of khaki, our bushes are trimmed, lawns mowed, and lots zeroscaped. We don't find it amusing when people paint their homes a non-approved color or leave their commercial vehicles on the street. I find it refreshing that the middle managers, engineers, high school teachers, generally anal retentives, and stay at home moms of the suburbs are stepping out of their "fear of HOA" shells and doing it up a bit.

For example, we have the Griswold's living across the street. There is a Santa landing strip, a few "featurettes" including frosty and the nativity and lots and lots of multi colored lights. At first glance, you may think, "fabulous, there goes the neighborhood and our real estate comps." However, during this time of year I say "you can either be a Griswold or a Todd and Margo!"

I chose Griswold!

Merry Christmas! Where's the Tylenol!?
Peace (on earth) Out,


December 3, 2010

High School Musical

Luke and I have discussed it, and its official: we are no longer part of a demographic when it comes to movies and pop culture. We are those people who don't go to the movies because "they all pretty much suck." They are either too scary, too relativistic, too many body parts of other people I don't want/need to see, too NOT funny, etc. I am not that hard to please, but I do have standards. This last statement you might question when you hear what I have to tell you next.

I watched High School Musical on the Disney channel last night. and. I. liked it. This is just as scary for me to admit as it is for you to hear, I'm sure. It was not an Oscar contender by any stretch, but it was cute. The characters periodically burst into song, which I appreciate, and I didn't feel the need to take a shower after watching it. It was sweet. There I said it. I won't throw Luke under the bus and suggest that he liked it as well, but he sat there (smiling) next to me for most of the movie. So there's that.

I'm just sayin'.

Peace Out,