October 27, 2010

Its Fall?

...I wouldn't know. I don't think I've been outside since it was still hugging 80 degrees (really unseasonably warm for September in Colorado)!

So, I should introduce our newest addition: Caroline Reese Riffle was born September 29th at 1:07am after a 3 hour labor.

No joke. 3. Maybe 3.5. It was fast. Very, very fast. Thank goodness the anesthesiologist was quick and available when they wheeled me in. (It may have helped that I was literally screaming for an anesthesiologist from the E.R. Mind you, she was on the second floor and could not hear me, but I think I got my point across). Those poor people. I mean I just sat there and SCREAMED! LOUDLY! I feel now as if I have gotten the "labor" experience. check that off my list. It was hell. (I'm sure right now half of you are "one-upping" me in your heads! Go ahead, but I went from 1 and 1/2 to 7 centimeters in 2 1/2 hours. ouch.) Sadly I only experienced my beloved epidural for 45 minutes before it was all said and done (every time anyone would walk in the room I would vigorously hit my little button), but it was worth it. I got the bill today and I would still do it again. I had to lay flat on my back for 3 days because she accidentally went to far and CSF leaked out, but I would do it again. And just to remind myself, since I am still close to the actual events, I am completely excited about being done birthing babies! and completely excited to have the next one delivered by FedEx! (j/k, we go get her!)

The second time around is so different. You know what to generally expect. You know that in about 3 months, their digestive system will catch up and hopefully the fussy times will decrease. That they will eventually sleep through the night. That you will eventually sleep through the night, too! Bonding with her has been easier because I know how I feel about Sam, and I can't wait for her to show her personality. Getting back on my feet has been easier too.

We have been totally blessed in the situation! Oh, and before I forget, BIG shout out to my husband, who ROCKED IT while I was on my back for a few days! Sometimes I think God just wanted to give him the opportunity to be my absolute hero, and he was. It was amazing. I had to let him take care of me (because I didn't really have a choice) and he exceeded my highest expectations! I totally married up! Thanks Luke!

Peace Out,Michele