September 22, 2010

Winding Up the Summer

Good news, people: I found my camera. I literally thought it was gone forever, but after a month of searching, my husband (of ALL people) found it in a bag! Happy day!

So here are a few pics from the remainder of the summer:
Sam is a boy. He will try any way to make watching T.V. a risk taking event.

This is "Doggie" and "Bunnie." They are necessary for any sort of sleep attempt. They both carry the Plague. We wash them, but no matter. They still smell...unique.

Friends of ours family own a working ranch in Gypsum, CO. We were lucky enough to head up there last weekend for an "end of summer/beginning of fall" getaway. Sam has never had a s'more before. He LOVED it! As I knew he would.
We also made friends with some of the locals while in Gypsum. This horse was like a dog. It just wanted all kinds of lovin'. It was great for Sam to see horses up close!

There was a whale sighting, which is rare for these parts! Good lord, woman, birth that kid already!
And last, but not least...this is me at 39 weeks. THAT'S RIGHT: 39. Feel sorry for me. According to my doctor, she seems pretty comfortable where she is. Already non-cooperative. This is not a good start, Little Miss!

Peace Out,


September 10, 2010

Adoption Update: Logged In

Luke and I are so excited to share that we are finally logged in! We are officially on the waiting list! And a long list it is. It will most definitely be a lengthy wait, but at least we are in the game now.

This is such an answer to prayer. Its amazing to watch God move mountains right in front of us. It could have taken up to 4 weeks (since last week) to log us in, but it happened in less than ONE! If it had taken 4, we may have had to wait an additional year if this current baby came early or even on time.

So to recap:
Answer to prayer number one-Logged in at China before current baby arrived.
Additional blessings- seeing God work in practical, huge, and obvious ways. Knowing God has a baby waiting for us- already matched up. Allowing us to start getting excited about the arrival of the current little miss riffle.

Another reason that I am personally so excited about being logged in is that I HATE paperwork.



My dislike for it burns within me like the fury of the fire of a thousand suns.

I would really rather NOT do more China paperwork than I have to if you catch my drift. And although there will be some renewals, there won't be nearly as many now that we are on the list. Praise God!

Thank you all for praying for this specifically and supporting Luke and I on this exciting journey!

Peace Out,