July 13, 2010

What to do in the Summer Time...

We are well into summer now and I thought it would be nice to post about what we do (while we aren't saving the world) in the summer.

My sweet husband made me dinner for a "date night in", and since I can't drink anything too terribly fun, he made me wedding punch and put it in a martini glass. Does it count as a date night if Sam is there? drinking my punch? eating my green beans? if we ended up watching Madagascar?

Either way, it was very charming and fun.

During this time of year we also take prego pictures. Here's me at 26 or 27 weeks. I'm going to say 27 because DARN if I don't look bigger than that!
We also stretch after exercising. It is important to stay limber I always say. And to show the importance of exercise to the next generation (says the woman who hasn't exercised, other than walking, in like 7 months).

We had a great time at the Highlands Ranch Fourth of July Parade. Sam loved waving to the trucks and dogs.
We also frequent the park near our house. There are fountains and a great wading river for the little ones to play in. Please disregard the fact that my kid has a regular diaper and no swim suit...it was a spur of the moment trip!

And of course, since we can't stay in Denver and melt all the time...we also go to the mountains. We LOVE going up to Frisco and Breckenridge to cool off a bit and relax in the Rockies.

Viva La Summer!!

Peace Out,