May 6, 2010

This One Goes Out to All the Shoe Lovers Out There

Dear Sam,

Its nothing personal...but I have to post this one.

There are so many amazingly wonderful things about you: your love of order, oatmeal, and trains, just to name a few, but these pale in comparison to your love of shoes to be exact.

To be fair, you come by it honestly. Your father has like 3 pairs of shoes, just for the O.R. Your grandfather is truly astounding with 23 pairs of boots. and that's JUST BOOTS!

The other day the front door was open and Luke thought you had escaped, only to find you upstairs in my closet, trying on my pumps. We don't discourage it other than to inform you that over time you could experience anterior knee pain with prolonged high heeled shoe wearing.

The "pink ones" as you say, are you favorite, and I don't blame you. I mean, who doesn't like pink?

You are awesome!

Peace Out,

PS: This picture is rotated correctly in my photo's, but not here. SO annoying. Sorry!