April 16, 2010

Life is Full of Surprises

Surprise number one: I turned 30 on April 12, 2010.

Ok, this is more of a shock than a surprise, but there it is.

Surprise number two: My husband is the best gift-giver/thoughtful holiday person. EVER.

Since we've been married almost 8 years, this again is not a surprise, but an anxiety-filling quality, that (come his birthday) tends to bite me in the butt (my gifts are never as good).

This being a big one, I expected either crazy birthday mayhem, or a complete drop of the ball. Lucky for me, I got the former.

My gift was a card. Inside the card were 6 folded mini-cards that were taped closed. I was instructed to open them only when told. Oh my, this could be interesting.

The next morning I got to open my first clue: it said "mustang sally." Huh. I have no idea what that means. Next, Luke has me get in the car and start driving.

Now for those of you that live in Denver or have ever been through our airport, you will probably have seen "the bronco." Its this HUGE monstrosity of "art" of a bronco on its back legs, making visible its intactness! It looks like it just dismounted the 4th horseman of the apocalypse. That was my mustang sally.

I was so excited to see my parents waiting at the baggage claim! What a great surprise. So much so that I accidentally drove my front tire over the sidewalk. Luke yells, "if you don't like my driving, get off the sidewalk!" to this innocent by stander from Nashville. Thanks babe!

How fun! We hung out for most of the day. Dad is cooking (of course). I'm visualizing a stocked freezer. Then I get my second clue: "Brittney Spears." Ok, seriously no clue. I'm thinking of her songs, wondering if I'm going to have my head shaved. I have no idea.

Well, there is this nail place that Luke and I went to for pedicures (yes, he had one, and loved it) and they were playing a Britney Spears concert that this one nail guy was just rocking out to. Luke sent my mom and I to have pedi's and requested that they put on the same concert when we got there, which they did. So funny! I laughed the entire time!

Upon arriving home, I see Sam's sweet face plastered against the front door. "MAMA!" he was so excited. I walked in, and SURPRISE!!! Luke had organized a surprise party with our small group (which isn't that small)! Dad made everyone food (there goes my freezer stock), but they all enjoyed it and we all rocked it out to some American Idol on the Wii. So fun!

Next day, we just relaxed, had fun, played with Sam, hiked some trails. GREAT DAY!

Such a sweet time with mom and dad, but that was just the beginning...

Sunday afternoon, Luke says "the adventures continue" and in the car we go.

My next clue: "mustang sally...again"

Back to the airport. We park. Luke opens the back of the Explorer and there are two packed suitcases. Off we go!


Ok, this post is getting lengthy, so i'll try to keep it short. We get there, change, go to a really nice dinner and my next clue is: "slippery when wet".

Luke got us tickets to see "O" the cirque de soliel show. It was AWESOME! The next day, the next clue: "the old man". We went to Gold and Silver Pawn, the place where they film the History channel show "Pawn Stars". SO COOL (in the dorkiest of senses)! They were filming that day, so we only got to stay for 15 minutes, but I saw the death clock and got a picture of Chumlee! We also went to Serendipity 3 and got a frozen hot chocolate for my birthday treat!

Onto Zion National Park where we hiked Angels Landing, ate some In-N-Out burger (praise God from whom all blessings flow!), and relaxed. Its an amazing and beautiful place and Luke was so excited to show it to me!

The rest of the trip was just fun. We ate, watched movies, walked around town, talked, just had fun being together for the first time on a trip without Sam.

And now back home! Thanks to mom and dad for watching Sam. I think he loves you more than me! And to all my friends who partied and wished me well on this most depressing of birthdays (not really...much). I am very lucky and blessed!

Peace Out,

April 7, 2010

The Only Thing Constant Is Change

So lots going on at the Riffle house these days. First off, I am pregnant again with our second little Riffle. I am due September 30th (but we are expecting him/her the 23rd...we have a deal.) So far, so normal. Nausea: check. Hormone headaches: check. Vomiting due to headaches: check. Eating my weight in carbs to keep stomach from eating itself: check. I remember not being pregnant and thinking "I kind of miss it, it was neat. The bad stuff wasn't so bad."

LIES. Lies women tell themselves to get knocked up again. I am writing this as a reminder for after this child gets here: "michele, pregnancy is great, and be grateful for the ability, but know when to say when!"

Don't be deceived, we are very excited and I am completely blessed in this situation. I'm just a pansy when it comes to throw up. I'd rather someone just punch me in the face.

Another change at the Riffle estate: I am a full time stay at home mom now. This was a very difficult decision, but I have received a peace about it and Luke and I feel the same way. I've been praying about this since Sam was born and recently God has made it clear that this is where I should be right now. I am still able to retain Misti, our super sitter, one day a week, so I can do PRN at the clinic if they need me.

To be honest, I'm not afraid of being out of the profession or being bored, I'm scared to parent! How terrible is that? Sam is at an age where its difficult to tell what he understands and what is effective discipline. We have a plan, I just don't want to jack up my kid! I like algorhythms. A plus B equals C type stuff. With kids, there is no formula! They are all different. Which is quite in contrast to being a PT where at least some of the human body is predictable. I mean, I know if you are having pain shooting down the back of your leg from your butt, chances are I'm going to be treating your back! No such convenience at home.

I know I sound desperate, but I'm actually excited. It is challenging so far, but I think it is going to be good for all of us. My first day saver: don't judge an entire day off of a morning or an afternoon, they are two separate entities. When Luke gets home, he asks how my day was, I break it down into morning and afternoon. That way, a bad morning doesn't kill the day!

What else, what else? I guess thats about all as far as big stuff going on. I'll post easter pictures soon. We had such a great easter!

Peace Out,