October 20, 2009

Denver or Bust

Luke and I were lucky enough to have my parents and my aunt and uncle visit us for a long weekend. The weather was perfect! We had a blast and Sam was spoiled by not one, but two experienced Nanas. Today I swear he looked at me as if to say, "so you're it then?" We had so much fun!

This is Uncle Rich at Deer Creek Canyon. A great hike in the foothills. He was so kind to volunteer to carry Sam. That is until he reached to top of the first big hill and guess who got him?That's right! ME!

The hike was actually quite eventful. Aunt Patty made Deer Creek Canyon her plaything! She hiked the entire thing at about 6000 feet above sea level!

We saw a baby rattlesnake! In all the times I've hiked here, I've never seen anything but Mule Deer. It wouldn't move from the path so Luke (my hero) got a branch and persuaded it into the bushes. phew!

Dad took a small tumble down a steep hill, and hurt his knee a bit. Lucky for him he knows a PT with a key to her office and some available crutches.

That night we went to the corn maze at Chatfield Botanical Gardens (sans Dad and Uncle Rich). So fun! Poor Sam's legs were starting to conform to the shape of his Kelty Kids Pack.

It was such a fun weekend with such great company! COME BACK SOON MOM, DAD, AUNT PATTY AND UNCLE RICH!!!

Peace Out,

October 7, 2009

Last Days of Summer

Fall is probably my favorite season. Summer a close second. So we had a warm weekend and we decided to celebrate with a quick trip to the park and some track ball (after 30 minutes on the slide of course).

We had fun!

Peace Out,