September 27, 2009

Beans, Beans, They're Good for Your Heart!

Luke has a very sad story about beans and why he hates them and why we can never have chili (red or white) or burritos or anything that contains lentils and so on. If you have ever heard this story you would promptly tell Luke to get over it and eat some chili already (I mean it is fall!).

Regardless, this scarring from such a lovely food group has not found its way across the gene pool to his son. No, Sam is a fan of all things lentil including, but not limited to kidney beans, black beans, green beans (ok, not the same), but you get my drift.

We had taken a bean hiatus as of late and just recently found some in the pantry during a desperate run at lunch the other day. The result was beantastic!

Sam could not get enough. His ferver was so great that he actually signed "please" and kept saying "mmmmmm" and wanting more. It was so funny!

Finally he signed that he was done with lunch and as I was putting the rest of the beans into the fridge he spotted them and pleaded to hold the tupperware. This resulted in him carrying them around and dropping half of them on the floor whilst he and Rufus raced to see who could shove them in their mouths the quickest.

The only person who was none too happy with the mass consumption of beans was Kelly. She runs the nursery at church and this morning informed us (with a little look of disgust) that Sam had two poo's during nursery today! Sorry Kelly!

Peace Out,