August 23, 2009


Here are a few pics from our Sunday school class activity!

Luke and I help plan the activities for our Sunday school class. For this one we decided to get messy! Majide is a Japanese game show that means "you must be crazy!" Well, considering we live in the burbs with HOA's aplenty, we only got semi-crazy.
We played a variety of games including: orange ball, bucket head, peanut butter face, frozen face fruit grab and slicker than snot. Everyone had a great time and in the end, the blue team won. (Insert sad face for my red team.)
It was a great way to spend a really hot Saturday afternoon!
Peace Out,

August 3, 2009

Monday, Monday

First off, Luke is out of town so dinner is once again...breakfast! Tonight's menu includes Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls, and that's about it. Although the remainder of the rolls will be cooked, the appetizer roll was straight out of the can. Mmmmm...doughy! AND I licked the butter knife with nothing but icing on it!! Take that!

Between these two paragraphs my neighbor Rochelle came over and brought me Greek Orzo for dinner. This thwarted my plan a little and added some much needed nutrition to my meal, staving off the rickets for another day.

Also, I can not turn my head to the left. Somehow I jacked my neck up so bad that as my boss was working on me this morning he said "this is not going to feel good and I'm going to have to do it again tomorrow." He was right. It was awful, I nearly crawled off the table lest he see the tears forming in my eyes! All the while he had this sick sadistic grin on his face. I could imagine the ghosts of patients past laughing their butts off at my expense.

The worst part about this: 1. every time a buzzing insect gets around my head I shake my head and cuss out loud. 2. checking my blind spot 3. I'm in PAIN people. I was begging for an epidural hours AFTER I had Sam. Ask my parents, pain and I are not friends!

Oh, and now that Sam is walking, he's a disaster! I will never be able to get his one year pictures taken because he constantly has bruises! The latest edition was his face plant into the wall and subsequent swollen nose, poor little guy! I feel like I keep having to explain to the pediatrician after hours care that I do not, in fact, beat my child!

I took this one a few days ago...

Peace Out,