May 27, 2009

Sam's First Birthday and Other Milestones

Oh my. I have a toddler.

May 24th marks the anniversary of the birth of the sweetest, most cutest kid in the free world AND certain parts of the not so free world. Its crazy, not so much that Sam turned one (which thank God we've made it this far without any major injuries or lawsuits) but that I have a one year old.

We marked the occasion with the traditional first birthday fare:

Shelter at the park-check

30 of our closest friends and family-check


BBQ and fixins-check


Oh the cake...I made cupcakes for Sam's birthday. We got his portable highchair all set up. Party hat teetering just so. First birthday candle lit amid the swirling wind. SUCCESS! Alrighty buddy now dig in!

Um no.

No, Sam said "stop trying to poison me with this. I will NOT eat this cake. Take it away or I'll cry." And that's just what he did.
Yes, that is me, his mother, laughing at his misfortune. I come by it honestly, though, just ask my mom.

Not only was this the weekend of Sam's first birthday, it was also his first haircut.

The Lolly Locks went out of business so we walked over to Floyd's Barber Shop and they did the honors. He did so well! Sat by himself and didn't squirm at all.
To round out the weekend we had Sam dedicated at church.

It was nice, but much like other ceremonies (weddings, baptisms, etc), no light from heaven shown down. No angels singing. No immediate and infinite wisdom. It just makes me realize that God works over long periods of time for the most part and this is just the beginning of raising Sam and pointing him to the One who loves him most!

Peace Out,

May 18, 2009

Our Anniversary and Other Stuff

So today marks the anniversary of our wedding day! Seven years to be exact. Seven really good years (with bumps of course). That being said, if one more person asks/comments/suggests something about the "seven year itch" I'm going to scream! Would you ask a fat person if they were pregnant? NO! Asking about the "itch" as it will now be known is like saying, "how do you feel about the possibility of this year sucking?" or "congrats about getting to the really bad part, I hope you have a good lawyer!" The title sounds like a very unfortunate STD quite honestly. How jaded are we folks? Ugh. Well, FYI last year was the actual 7th year and now we are working on the 8th, so no more asking! We are happy, damn it, and if last year was an "itch" we'll survive! Ok, I feel better now!

In other news, summer is upon us! Long days, warm weather, evening walks and mojitos! I love summer in Colorado. I welcome the bipolar temperature swings and "ranch-a-cues", the attempt at a vegetable garden and pool hunnies (aka Sam and Luke).

My sister inspired me to remember little things about Sam, so I am going to try and write a little something on each post about what he's up to. Right now, he figured out how to make a choking noise by breathing in really fast, like a gasp. Scares me every time. Makes me think he's inhaled a piece of dog food or something!

Peace Out,

May 1, 2009

Girls Weekend

So every year my college roommates (Kate, Tracy and Holly) and I get together for a weekend of fun and relaxation. Recently our husbands have come with us (they all get along so well, its amazing!), but this year we left the men and children at home and set out for Tybee Island, Georgia! We could not have asked for a better long weekend. The little bungalow we stayed in was ADORABLE. Painted pink on the outside, it was called "the shrimp," and completely white inside. All the furniture was bright blue or orange or yellow. SO fun. It also had a screened in porch WITH hammock to lounge in. The beach was about 3 blocks away and the weather was AWESOME.

We ventured into Savannah to shop and meet Emily and Travis (friends from UT) for dinner. Speaking of food...the seafood was, of course, amazing. And since Luke wasn't there to split dinner with, there was no compromising on what to order. I know that sounds ridiculous, but we almost always split. It just seems silly not to, especially since we've been doing it so long. So I made sure that almost everything I ordered was something that I loved and he would hate! Which for Luke to hate a certain food is pretty easy. He actually hates most foods! Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but close. The cutest place we went was a little dessert restaurant called Lulu's Chocolate Bar. So girly and fun and of course lots of chocolate! mmmmm....chocolate...(*drooling noises*).

Since this was the first time for me to spend a night away from Sam, I was a little nervous that I would be homesick or miserable, but surprisingly I was fine. I feel I missed him the appropriate amount and was equally as excited to see him (and Luke) when I got home. He continues to be a little "cling-on" and use me as a teething ring, so it must not have scarred him that much!

And now I'm back home to my sweet little world. Back to my packets of brown sugar and cinnamon oatmeal. No more seafood, sadly. We live in Denver so...yeah, that's just not going to happen really. But its great to be back with my boys!

Peace Out,