April 9, 2009

As Training Draws to a Close...

I feel like I should have some resolution after 6 (not 5 and 1/2 as previously stated) weeks of being a single mom.

Like there should be a reality show: "Take one new mom, one 10 month old energized little boy, 2 high maintenance boxers and watch how they survive 6 weeks of single parenthood! Its not sexy, considering her husband is out of town. Its not adventurous, considering she works part time and takes care of Sam the other half. But boy is it a challenge! Watch, 8/9 central!"

And then I think that my reality TV show would not be successful without a kick butt supporting cast. My parents, for the "music city" episode. My ENTIRE bible study for periodic "michele needs protein and a break" episodes. My friends and family who have emailed and called just to make sure the dogs haven't staged a revolt and now I'm the one eating dog food. I would not be so sane without all of you. Thank you.

Not to sound like I'm accepting an Emmy, which lets face it, I would if I had my own reality show. But I would also like to thank God. He has grown me in ways I didn't think possible these past few weeks. Not easy, but worth it to watch Him work and experience His grace. And since "I shall not pass this way again" (for Luke's sake, I hope not because this was way too long for training!) it was worth it.

Just because training is over doesn't mean I'll be signing off for good. I kind of like blogging. It makes me feel funny, even if I'm the only one laughing. Which again, if I had my own show, people would be quoting me at the office all day long, but since that is not the case, I'll keep my gems for you all!

Peace Out,